Since the Lamy report was published in July this year, much is being said and discussed on the potential mission orientation in FP9. This new direction of EU R&I policy is an attractive logical new step from the challenge driven approach in H2020.

It is also a complex approach, with many pitfalls and potential downsides, especially at EU level, that requires careful analysis and consideration and the direct involvement of all stakeholders, across disciplines, across sectors, across policy domains and across governance levels (EU, national, regional and urban).

A consortium led by the Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP) including its members TNO, Tecnalia, Joanneum Research and VTT, together with Danish Technology Institute (DTI) and Valdani Vicari & Associati (VVA), have been tasked by the European Commission DG RTD to first define and conceptualise Mission Oriented R&I (including lessons that can be drawn from over 200 collected examples world-wide) and secondly on how such an approach could be implemented in FP9.

Especially with regards to the second part of the study, we would like to ask you, as a beneficiary of EU R&I programmes, your opinion on some of the issues at stake. Especially focussing on the policy objectives and how they could be best served and on the policy options. The study will be a major input to the shaping of the next FP, and your views will be highly valuable. We know most will have a busy schedule and your time spent on the survey is much appreciated.

Please find the link to the survey:

We estimate that on average completing the survey will take around 20 minutes. Please submit the survey by Friday 15 December latest. We have done our best to make the survey as clear as possible, due to the complex nature of the subject we could not avoid this being reflected in the survey.

Should you have technical or other difficulties or questions please contact for assistance. Given the large number of respondents it could take some time before and answer can be provided, depending on the nature of the question. If you cannot access the survey online, it can be downloaded from here in pdf format.

Attached are the endorsement letter from the European Commission and a short document that introduces the purpose of the study.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration and kind regards,

Robbert Fisher

Study director

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Introduction to the study

MOP endorsement letter 2017