Kinect, the motion-sensing wonder device for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, has had many deaths before, but today seems to bring the last spadeful of dirt on its grave. Microsoft has confirmed it is no longer manufacturing Kinect and none will be sold once retailers run out.

Fast Company reported the demise of the motion-sensing device, introduced in 2010 for Xbox 360 and reformulated for the Xbox One’s launch three years later. Kinect support will continue for those who own one of the two sensors, “but ongoing developer tools remain unclear,” says Fast Company, in an interview with Kinect’s creator, Alex Kipman, and Matthew Lapsen, the general manager of marketing for Xbox Devices.

Official Statement of Microsoft:

Manufacturing for Kinect for Xbox One has ended but it is not the end of the journey for the technology. Kinect continues to delight tens of millions of Xbox owners and Kinect innovations live on in Xbox One, Windows 10, Cortana, Windows Mixed Reality and future technologies