Another exciting association has recently joined our ViMM network: the international centre for archival research -ICARUS!

The ICARUS community adds to and creates value for already existing activities, and links networks in order to help archival and scientific institutions join forces.

ICARUS is organized as an association under Austrian Law, consisting of more than 160 public bodies from 23 European states and Canada. Its basic aims and goals are defined in its constitution, which is determined by the association’s General Assembly. The Executive Board is responsible for the Association’s basic economic and strategic goals. Based on the Rules of Procedure, given by the Executive Board, the Management carries out the Association’s day-to-day business.

The ICARUS consortium keenly supports archives and related institutions in rising to the challenges of the digital era. Based on the principle of complementarity the new tasks and challenges resulting from the advancing digital technologies can be faced together as a community. To be successful it is fundamental to not only effectively build up and maintain electronic infrastructures and shared standards and strategies, but to also jointly develop new approaches for international cooperation, which facilitate

  • the sharing of specific expertise and know-how,
  • the possibility for finding and developing additional funding schemes, and
  • the build-up and promotion of online content.

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