A mobile application called “The Speaking Celt” is a companion to the visitors of the Museum of Celtic Heritage in Salzburg. Every time that the visitors scan a target, which is a round image that tells the visitor that there is additional content within a display case to discover, an augmented Celt appears, serving as a museum guide. The Celt tells stories about his way of living, explains elements of the museum and engage with visitors in an interactive way.

The museum also rents out headphones for free, for the visitors to use while they are in the museum. To use the application, headphones are required.


This could be useful in Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, because it uses augmented reality, which is a great tool to bring history to life. With the help of augmented reality and the augmented virtual curator, visitors can learn more about the Celtic Heritage in a fun and interesting way. The augmented virtual curator tells stories about his way of living and explains different elements of the museum, which belongs to the storytelling sector. Also, the fact that the augmented virtual curator is in the same room with the visitors and the fact that they can see him through their device, gives them the feeling of presence. Finally, the fact that the visitors have to find these round targets in order for the augmented virtual curator to appear, belongs to the gamification sector.


Source: https://www.wikitude.com/showcase/speaking-celt-museum-experience/