In the Art Museum of South Texas, visitors are given an interactive and immersive experience through video, 3D images and audio from their mobile phone thanks to a new augmented reality application.

This application can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices and the interesting part is that once it is downloaded, it does not use wifi or data when it is in use.

If visitors hold up their mobile device loaded with this specific application, it will recognize the piece of art (that their mobile devices point to) in “Digital Darkroom” (a 10-piece exhibition) and will launch interactive audio content and an audio tour, explaining the artwork and the techniques that were used to create it.

This could be useful in Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, because it is a great adaption of augmented reality to museums. With the help of augmented reality, visitors can learn about the history of works of art in the “Digital Darkroom” exhibition, simply by installing the specific application to their mobile devices and pointing them to a piece of art. For each of the pieces of art that the visitors point their devices to, they find out more information about them and also they learn about the techniques that were used to create them, by listening to the audio tour that the application provides them with, which belongs to the storytelling sector. Also, the interactive and immersive experience that this application provides the visitors with, through video and 3D images are the gamification elements of this application. Finally, the fact that during this experience the visitors are in the same place with the pieces of art, gives them the feeling of presence.