Go behind-the-scenes and discover how TATE Modern recreated the artist’s final Parisian studio in virtual reality.

Modigliani’s final studio still exists, but almost 100 years after the artist’s death, its appearance has changed significantly. Through study of documentary material and of Modigliani’s works themselves, the environment in which the artist made his last works is reimagined. In this VR experience you can immerse yourself in a virtual reality recreation of Modigliani’s final studio, which uses the actual studio space as a template.

It took more than five months of rigorous research to meticulously recreate the studio, its interiors, objects and the artworks shown. The experience was brought to life by multiple teams at Tate including AV, Conservation, Curatorial and Digital. This involved a research trip to the Parisian studio as well as collaborative work with artists, designers, developers and producers at Preloaded. 

If you would like to read a transcript of the experience, you can email information@tate.org.uk.


The Modigliani VR: The Ochre Atelier reimagines Modigliani’s final Parisian studio, where he lived and worked in the final months of his life in 1919 and 1920. A previously undocumented space, the artist’s studio has been brought back to life through more than 60 objects, artworks and materials.

Almost 100 years since the artist’s death, hear the words of those who knew Modigliani best and explore the studio where he is likely to have painted Self-Portrait 1919.

Watch video of the experience.

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