Lumin – Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) premiered a mobile tour on Jan. 25 called Lumin that uses Google’s Tango technology to provide visitors with new, in-depth ways to engage with the DIA’s renowned collection. The DIA is the first art museum in the world to integrate this 3-D mapping and smartphone augmented reality (AR) technology into a public mobile tour.

Whether it’s a view of a mummy’s X-ray or a walk through the gates of Babylon, the experiential, educational, and engagement potential is nothing short of astonishing. And on a practical level, Lumin helps visitors navigate the museum, and can be useful for hearing or visually impaired guests, as well. No matter how it’s used, the technology provides an undeniably enriching experience – and its capabilities only show the tip of the iceberg.

“Augmented reality allows the user to see the unseen, imagine art in its original setting, and understand how objects were used and experienced in people’s everyday lives. It’s an exciting way to incorporate the latest technology into the visitor experience.” (Salvador Salort-Pons, DIA Director)

How can that translate to your company or brand? Is there something below the surface or behind-the-scenes that’s worth exploring and sharing with your audience?

Here is the link to the DIA LUMIN webpage with examples.