Storytelling plays a very important role in Virtual Museums. That is, because the way that an exhibition is presented in virtual or augmented reality is crucial, as it one of the first elements that a visitor notices and also it accompanies him through his virtual visit. 

It is very important for a virtual curator to be rendered in high quality and with correct illumination in order to look more realistic to the visitors. But what if that virtual curator could respond to the visitors according to their personalities, or generally react to them?

That is what the ‘Reactive Content’ is about. ‘Reactive Content’ is content that uses biometric technology and deep data gathering to read and react to users based on their body rhythms, emotions, preferences, and data points. It is expected to create an overwhelmingly engaging and emotionally charged content for each individual, as they will be automatically connected to that content because they already know what they’re seeing and hearing. 

This could be useful in Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, because it is a great innovation in virtual museums and more specifically in VR/AR Storytelling. Its impact on storytelling is immerse, because not only will each exhibition be presented in the most realistic way yet, but also it will be personalized to each visitor as with the help of ‘Reactive Content’ the virtual curator and the way of the presentation of the exhibition unfolds, will adapt to each one of them. This has also a great impact on presence, as visitors can explore this virtual museum freely by feeling more relaxed and comfortable, as many of the elements of this virtual trip will be based on their personality and other things that are familiar to them. Also, the element of disruption will be absent, as the virtual curator will be able to adapt to the personality of the visitors without having the visitors answering questions and disrupting the virtual trip that way. Lastly, the impact on gamification is big as well, because that way the virtual trip becomes more interesting, enjoyable and fun for the visitors, making them want this trip to last longer, in order to explore more things.