In the modern workplace mixed reality is expanding by helping real people solve real problems with real solutions. For instance, mixed reality is used in the modern workplace as: Remote Assist, Training, Design, 3D in office, Mixed Reality meetings and Mixed Reality Data & analytics. Mixed reality is evolving every day, in order to offer even better quality and more functions. 

Also, the use of mixed reality is increasing as Microsoft Hololens will expand to 29 new markets, bringing mixed reality closer to even more people and organizations, making it more accessible to them.

This could be useful in Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, because mixed reality is one of the core elements of virtual museums. With the help of mixed reality, a virtual museum or exhibition can be presented to visitors in a fun and realistic way and also visitors will be able to see many monuments in the way the looked when they were first constructed. More specifically, this could have a great impact on storytelling, presence and gamification because mixed reality is their main element, as all three of them use a form of mixed reality in order to be accessible from the viewers.

Now that mixed reality will come closer to even more people (as it is expanding to 29 new markets), more people will be able to use it and specifically for this area, it can be a great chance for many virtual museums to be created. 

A video about the impact of mixed reality in the modern workplace: