The technology of virtual reality is evolving every day. As the price of the headsets becomes lower, more and more people gain access to this techonology, something that makes it more popular.
This technology allows the user to enter a virtual world and explore it in various ways.
What if this virtual world was a museum?

The Kremer Collection is available in a virtual museum, which can be accessed with the help of virtual reality, by donning an HTC Corp. Vive headset and holding a wand to point and click the way across the walkways to galleries. This VR gallery has been constructed with the use of photogrammetry, presenting as a result the paintings in high resolution with ideal lighting, in order to simulate an actual museum visit.

This could be useful in Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, because it is a great innovation in virtual museums. With the help of virtual reality, a whole museum is constructed and with the help of photogrammetry in this specific case, every detail is visible, which makes this virtual museum a real museum. This way, more people will be able to access museums like this and explore them in a fun and intriguing way. More specifically, this could have a great impact on storytelling, because the way this exhibition is presented in virtual reality, with the help of photogrammetry, gives the visitors the feeling that they are in a real museum. This has also a great impact on presence, as visitors can explore this virtual museum and learn more details with the handheld wand that they are provided with, making them feel that the things with which they interact are real. Lastly, the impact on gamification is big as well, because this virtual museum trip is done by using gamification elements (for instance, the handheld wand with which they navigate or an audio track, narrated by the collection’s founder, George Kremer, who appears with his wife Ilone, as a hologram alongside the painting), something that interests the visitors as they explore the virtual museum and learn about the exhibition in a fun way.

A video about the Kremer Virtual Musuem:

vimeo 240016898/12b9cad95d