Virtual reality company Lithodomos VR has created an incredible reconstruction of Athens, just as it was 2,000 years ago. Imagine being able to put on a VR headset, being transported back in time, and exploring Athens exactly as it would have looked in its prime. With Lithodomos VR, this is precisely what you can now do.


“What really matters is the archaeological accuracy of the reconstruction,” said Young. “Accuracy is what makes the content engaging, entertaining, and educational all at once.” With a PhD in archaeology under his belt, we’ll take Young’s commitment to archaeological accuracy seriously.

Experience Ancient Athens in VR ParthenonLithodomos VR recommends users to experience the content on-site, using a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR as the reconstructions will line up perfectly with the modern-day ruins. They describe on-site VR to be a breathtaking experience, “The only way to really understand what on site VR feels like is to try it, and you can do this now with numerous Athens based operators.” said Young.

“Already, the interest and uptake by educators, tour operators, tourists and museums from around the world has been astonishing. There’s been a lot of interest in ancient Athens, and we consider Greece to be the home of virtual reality’s early adopters.” Lithodomos VR has partnered globally with numerous tour operators, schools, universities and museums to use and distribute its content.

“Athens is one of the world’s most remarkable ancient sites,” said Young, “and we knew we had to create something of the highest standard. It’s taken months of work, but we’re finally ready to share it.”

Source: Diorama