The Israel Museum is free for children Tuesdays and Saturdays and every day during August. This is just part of a comprehensive summer program in the museum that includes an exhibition for the whole family about Cats and Dogs, a huge Escape Room that takes place across the entire Museum campus, Guided Tours for the whole family and plenty more.

For the first time in Israel, and as you have never experienced anywhere else, the Israel Museum changes escape rooms rules to bring you the Art of Escape; a game for the whole family that takes place across the entire Museum campus. The Art of Escape is considered the next generation of escape rooms and combines familiar classical elements, such as quizzes, puzzles and opening doors, with a story that will sweep visitors through the cross-cultural periods, and invite them to look closely at the museum’s treasures, and new museum exhibits. The special map offers the first clue for visitors to assist them in their escape. The Art of Escape is open 6-25 August, Sunday-Friday, excluding the 22.8.

The Cats and Dogs exhibition also offers a refreshing, and unique experience for all the family. Visitors to the exhibition engage with, explore, and discover surprising and novel perspectives about our beloved the animals, and the deep bond between pet and human. Other works in the exhibition invite visitors to play, interact and even wag their tail, and introduce us to the cats and dogs we know from antiquity. All this takes place in the gallery; each animal with its own private corner, nestled in a shared space that highlights the animal’s relationships with each other within the broader system.

In addition to the Art of Escape the Museum hosts a variety of daily activities for the whole family that includes art workshops, story time, and Time Travel, an animated film especially created for children that reveals the mysterious world of the Dead Sea Scrolls. In addition to all these, our Cool Summer activities includes the exhibition Ai Weiwei; Maybe, Maybe Not and the Museum’s permanent exhibits. On Tuesdays and Saturdays the Museum opens its doors for free to children and in August there is free entry for children the entire month.

In August the Museum extends opening hours, when on Tuesdays and Wednesdays the Museum is open from 10 am to 9 pm.

A host of other activities inspired by the exhibitions are open during the summer months including the Youth Wing Summer Activity Courtyard, From the Urban Jungle to the Home in conjunction with the exhibition Cats and Dogs. The play corners invite children to play, study and experiment in the animal theatre; the world of our beloved animals. Woof + Meow = Wow! – a cat and dog happening includes stories, plays, art workshops, lectures, movies, and even an option to adopt a dog or a cat yourself, a tour, My Family and Other Animals that will take you around the museum inspired by the exhibition, Recycling Workshops where the world of cats and dogs are created from recycled materials, and many other activities. Keep up to date on the many events, dates and times on the family events page.


The Art of Escape family map – 15 NIS

A summer courtyard From the Urban Jungle to the Home – NIS 15 per participant

Cat and Dog Happening – No additional charge on 22.8.17

Tours for the whole family: 15 NIS per participant

Workshop – 15 NIS per participant

Story hour – 15 NIS per participant