Sept. 2017 – CODA Museum in Apeldoorn opened a virtual tour in the bunker of ‘Rijkscommissaris Seyss-Inquart”. The HTC Vive is used to enter the virtual world, the controllers are used to teleport, drag and drop, turn on sounds and animations. Objects are interactive to access information about them, these objects can later be found in the library and museum. CODA VR Lab is part of a FabLab and is used for educational purposes.

The application is in Dutch and English, three Vive’s running simultaneously with a walk space of 3×6 m for each person. All three of the Vive’s connect on one set of base stations to manage the interference in channels. One computer is connected to a beamer for a live view of one of the headsets. All three computers have a screen with the live feed of headset.

If you want more information about the technical side of this project contact Visit or contact CODA Museum for more information about the history and educational program and to enter this virtual world! (