Robben Island Museum (RIM) is a public entity responsible for managing, maintaining, presenting, developing and marketing Robben Island as a national estate and World Heritage Site. It was established by the Department of Arts and Culture in 1997.

Online visitors can use their virtual tour or interactive timeline to explore the history of the prison.

Storytelling using 3D street-view panorama’s.


“To develop and promote Robben Island as a world-class heritage site which symbolizes the triumph of the human spirit over adversity”


a) Recruiting, retaining and developing the best talent.
b) Acquiring and utilizing the best operational resources.
c) Responsible conservation and maintenance of the World Heritage Property.
d) Healthy stakeholder relations.
e) Enhanced marketing and public relations.
f) Delivering transformational experiences to all visitors.
g) High quality intellectual input in research, interpretation and representation to enhance the narrative.