Designed by Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam and guided by quotations from personal letters, lifelike reproductions and audiovisual scenes from his artworks, life and environment, visitors witness Vincent unfold as a man and as an artist. Visitors are challenged to engage in interactive activities such as drawing using a perspective frame, portrait drawing and digitally painting using the colors from Vincent’s palette.

The experience invites visitors to jump into the science behind the art and discover what we’re still learning about this passionate and dedicated artist. They can feel the craggy surface of Vincent’s canvases, see the streets of Paris as he saw them and hear the wind rustling through the wheat field where the famous artist spent some of his last moments. It is now possible to get closer to Vincent than ever before.

Because of the fragile nature of the museum collection, many paintings rarely leave the Van Gogh Museum and some works never even travel. To make the life and work of Vincent van Gogh accessible to as many people as possible, the world-renowned Van Gogh Museum presented Meet Vincent van Gogh: the official traveling exhibition that introduces people around the globe to the world of the famous Dutch artist in highly innovative and interactive way.

This new all-encompassing, interactive experience illuminates the unique story of Vincent’s life, his artistic motivation and how he, well over a century after his death, remains a massive source of inspiration.

Official trailer can be found here.

This award-winning experience uses innovative techniques to tell Vincent’s incredible life story like never before. One can move beyond the art to feel the craggy surface of his canvas, discover how he set to work and embark on an exciting quest through the experience.

Experience Highlights

  • An all-encompassing multidisciplinary experience for all ages, for artists and scientists, novices and experts alike.
  • Wander with Vincent from the rural Netherlands to the streets of Paris. Pull up a seat at The Potato Eaters table or at Café Le Tambourin in Montmartre.
  • Investigate the details of Van Gogh’s paintings using a microscope.
  • Step into the life-sized Yellow House and engage with a dramatic shadow play.
  • Savor Vincent’s legacy and contemplate his role as an enduring source of inspiration.

More information at official webpage.