Kunstmatrix is a unique tool that enables registered users to create beautiful 3D showcases of their art to impress art lovers and collectors. Digitally presented and managed art, including an augmented reality app to show a preview of the works in any (virtual) space. With the latest 3D technology platform allows previews and presentations of artworks wherever and at any given time.

A library of exhibition rooms offers a wide range of architectural spaces — suitable for every kind of art. One can choose between wall colors and combine different rooms into a large exhibition. 

It is possible to arrange, curate and archive exhibitions in 3D virtual exhibition rooms, choosing from a variety of pre-configured rooms or designing own exhibition architecture.

The small drawback is the fact that it is a payable platform. But if smaller galeries dont have the tehnical equipment and human resorces to produce their own virtual spaces, it could be a useful solution. 

The Online virtual Gallery can be started here: https://exhibbit.com/home/.