After several months of preparations, Art Graphique & Patrimoine has inaugurated an important collaboration with the Directorate-General of Antiquities & Museums, DGAM Syria for the preservation and scientific study of many endangered sites, classified by the Syrian heritage.

Directed by Dr. Bruno Deslandes (Director of the international pôle pole), in partnership with Dr. Jacques Seigne (Archaeologist) and sawa consulting, our multidisciplinary team conducted a 3 d operational scanning campaign from the door of the temple of bel, in palmyre, using the most advanced agp techniques for laser reading.

All data collected in situ, shared with archaeologists and experts, will provide a detailed cartogramme of structural pathologies and volumetric analysis of block movements.

‘s intervention is part of a long-term scientific partnership with la and unesco in order to assess the emergency measures needed to consolidate the remains of palmyre and other archaeological sites destroyed by daesh .

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