WG2.3 has the following scope and objectives:

  • to discover how we can create digital solutions that  are ready to use and future proof
  • find options to make VR more sustainable
  • find options for collaboration between CH and tourism, hospitality by using VR

To achieve this, the representing stakeholders will create and asses (items on) a list concerning three topics. These are:

  1. platforms
  2. collaborative projects
  3. business models

For each topic, a Skype call will be organised and held, where each representing stakeholder will present a top 3 of best practices and/or state of the art examples of the themes. During the meeting, these examples will be analysed and discussed by the WG members. What are pro’s or cons to use this?

The outcome of the work will include a vast list of best practices and state of the art examples of  sustainability used in CH VR/AR.

Working Group members:

CHAIR: Francesca Guerrera

Jasper Ceelen

Bram Elewaut

Andre Selton

Marco Streefkerk