WG 1.1 – Prospects from cooperation – Terms of Reference

Scope and Objectives

The aim of this working group is to set up a portrait of the situation in the cooperation process between the different stakeholders and raise the main factors that will help to set up a sustainable content strategy for online publication of digitised object for cultural heritage.

TA6 will, together with WG 6.3 will analyse the state of the art in cooperation for publication of digital objects. It will elaborate on the potential for (automatic) contextualization in a cooperative environment.

  • Analysing the state of the art in cooperation for the publication of digitised objects.
  • Collecting cases in cooperate publishing and identifying the strengths and weaknesses that each case demonstrates.
  • Elaborating the potential of automatic contextualization and linked data in Cooperative environment.


To achieve this, the group will assess the following topics:

  • Online platforms for cultural heritage
    • Workflow of the publication of digitised object
    • Identification of the different stakeholder and tasks
    • Description of the cooperation
  • The prospects in the field of the online publication of digitised object


The outcome of this work will include:

  • A state of the art examples of online cultural heritage platform.
  • Examples of best practices in standardization and automatic contextualization process.
  • Publication of the best cases in the ViMM platform.

Working Group members:

Roko Zarnic, University of Ljubljana

Manolis Wallace, University of the Peloponnese