Scope and Objectives

For each type of Virtual Museum there may be a different set of metadata necessary for describing the Virtual Museum as such, but also for describing the single elements / objects / entities /actions of a Virtual Museum.

Using the draft list of types of Virtual Museums as a starting point, WG1.2 (working jointly with TA3) will by Month 7 identify the metadata standards (schema, ontologies etc) that have been used for the various types of Virtual Museums, for example CIDOC-CRM, DEMES and LIDO in the emerging typology (see WG1.1).

This will be complemented by a’ gap analysis’ which will identify and describe recommended areas for future standards work in relation to VM/VCH by Month 15, published on the ViMM platform. Comments and contributions will be invited from the whole community.

This will enable the development of the output from WG 1.1 and 1.2 so that it includes:

a) Name of Type.

b) Definition of Type.

d) Metadata standards (existing) – name/short description/information source(s).

e) Metadata standards (recommended).

TA1 and TA3 will conduct this work collaboratively within WG 1.2, completing publication on the Platform by Month 15.  


  • Define the metadata standards
  • Identify and describe topics for other standards for virtual museums and virtual cultural heritage


The outcomes of this work will include:

  • A list of metadata and other standards likely to be relevant for Virtual Museums
  • Recommendations for further standards needed

Working Group members:

  • Joao Martins – CO-CHAIR
  • Stella Sylaiou – CO-CHAIR
  • Raffaella Brumana 
  • Valentine Charles
  • Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass
  • Vasco Fassina 
  • Eleanor Fink 
  • Roberto Di Giulio
  • Elena Lagoudi
  • Gordon McKenna 
  • Effie Patsatzi
  • Manolis Wallace