Scope and Objectives

For each type of Virtual Museum there may be a different set of metadata necessary for describing the Virtual Museum as such, but also for describing the single elements / objects / entities /actions of a Virtual Museum.

Using the draft list of types of Virtual Museums as a starting point, WG1.2 (working jointly with TA3) identified the metadata standards (schema, ontologies etc) that have been used for the various types of Virtual Museums, for example CIDOC-CRM, DEMES and LIDO in the emerging typology (see WG1.1).

This was be complemented by a ’gap analysis’ which identified and described recommended areas for future standards work in relation to VM/DCH, published on the ViMM platform. Comments and contributions were invited from the whole community.

This enabled the development of the output from WG 1.1 and 1.2 so that it includes:

a) Name of Type.

b) Definition of Type.

d) Metadata standards (existing) – name/short description/information source(s).

e) Metadata standards (recommended).

TA1 and TA3 will conduct this work collaboratively within WG 1.2. 


  • Define the metadata standards
  • Identify and describe topics for other standards for virtual museums and virtual cultural heritage


The outcomes of this work to include:

  • A list of metadata and other standards likely to be relevant for Virtual Museums
  • Recommendations for further standards needed

Working Group members:

  • Joao Martins – CO-CHAIR
  • Stella Sylaiou – CO-CHAIR
  • Raffaella Brumana 
  • Valentine Charles
  • Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass
  • Vasco Fassina 
  • Eleanor Fink 
  • Roberto Di Giulio
  • Elena Lagoudi
  • Gordon McKenna 
  • Effie Patsatzi
  • Manolis Wallace