Rijksstudio has been redesigned. Our website is now easier to use and even more visual.
Mobile first
Mobile is booming. Billions of people now use smart phones. For many of them, a smart phone is their first computer; a computer that they can use anytime and anywhere. The ‘Rijksstudio mobile first’ approach allows people to get the very best out of our works of art, whenever they like, wherever they are and on any device. The new four-column grid displays our works of art in full glory on any type of screen.

We’re all museum directors!
Rijksstudio allows you to explore the Rijksmuseum collection to your heart’s content. There are two access points: Explore Rijksstudio and Search. There is no longer a distinction between Collection and Rijksstudio. Explore Rijksstudio takes you on an inspiring, visual history of our top pieces, including the less famous works of art. It also presents personal collections compiled by users, together with stories from the Rijksmuseum in the same visual template. Publishing users’ collections in the same way and literally next to content produced by the Rijksmuseum is our way of showing that we are OPEN online. The internet already allows us to be photographers (Instagram), businessmen (E-bay) or hotel managers (Airbnb), but now you can be a museum director too! The Rijksmuseum was already a common good, but from now on, we prove this on the website every single day. The new Search option grants access to the entire collection, allowing you to search through specific collections.

Three-and-a-half years of Rijksstudio
Rijksstudio boasts more than 260,000 users, in excess of 1,500,000 free downloads and 200,000 collections and it is still growing. In 2014, the Rijksmuseum organized the first high-profile design competition known as the Rijksstudio Award. The second edition in 2015 attracted a staggering 892 top-class entries. The third, international edition of the Rijksstudio Award will start in September 2016.

About Rijksstudio
Rijksstudio brings the collection of the Rijksmuseum closer to the public. More than 230,000 works of art are presented close-up, so that viewers can zoom in, touch and like them, or compile their own collections. Collect your personal favourites in your own Rijksstudio, share them with friends or download them free of charge to create your own masterwork. The wonderful images in Rijksstudio are copyright & royalty free: you can use them as you like, for private or commercial purposes.