he French national heritage and Histovery have co-produced a new way of immersing visitors in their surroundings which is interactive, educational and fun, but is also at the cutting edge of technology. HistoPad will delight all kinds of visitors when they use augmented reality software on digital tablets to discover Chambord and its 16 th century château.

• Travelling back in time
The HistoPad app is first and foremost a virtual guide to the château’s rooms at the time of the Renaissance.
Thanks to the expert work of Renaissance specialists, the layout, décor and furnishings of certain early 16th century rooms have been reimagined. The use of augmented reality* and 3D reconstructions offers a spectacular immersive experience back in time to the era of founder, François I.Concise written information aimed at the general reader gives visitors a fuller understanding of the reconstructions and adds an extra dimension to their time at Chambord.
*Augmented reality software means that the images on a tablet move as they move : from floor to ceiling and at 360° angles, visitors can explore their space virtually.

• A digital visitor’s guide
The app lets visitors digitally explore 19 major rooms in the château so they can better understand their history and collections. Nearly 150 items of furniture, art and decoration are described and analysed through simple text or animations.
High definition images are integrated into the app so that users can zoom in on particularly interesting works and examine them in minute detail.
For the first time, all content is now available to international visitors : the texts have been translated into 12 languages

• Automatic geolocation throughout the château
The HistoPad app launches automatically when it goes through the doors of a room, thanks to the 100 geolocation beacons spread throughout château.
Animated maps are always available on a room’s home screen so that visitors can get their bearings and organise their route. The app will tell them their exact location and the way they have been or can go.
• A fun treasure hunt for children
The fun animations that children can access in the immersive views will help them fully develop their curiosity and bring their visit to life.
Hidden in a virtual object in every reconstructed Renaissance room there is coin bearing the head or coat of arms of François I.
From opening the secret drawers of a safe to pinching the king’s beautiful tableware from his dresser, or even taking apart Charles bed and discovering a precious table nef, children will love the interactive, educational activities which are rewarded with a virtual tour up the lantern tower.