Indicators on the Impact of Cultural Activities on Democracy
This collection of research papers, (draft) documents and comments intends to foster a broader debate on methodological and content issues of projects aiming at the development of indicator frameworks or indexes related to culture, in general, and to cultural contributions to democracy, in particular. It includes different indicator or index-related exercises in Europe and other parts of the world, starting with:
The work carried out in 2014 on the Council of Europe draft indicator framework on culture and democracy (Michael Hoelscher);
The “Dutch Arts Index” as described in a presentation of the Boekman Foundation (Lisa van Woersem);
Plans for a “”European Cultural Vitality Index””, introduced by the European Cultural Foundation (Lyudmila Petrova/Tsveta Andreeva) and the ERICarts Institute; as well as
A statistical method to assess “”The True Value of the Culture and Creative Sectors in Europe”” by Compendium expert Michael Söndermann.