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PLUGGY is calling for papers for the 1st International Workshop “Plug into Cultural Heritage”

PLUGGY is organizing the Workshop “Plug into Cultural Heritage” as part of the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment – INTETAIN 2017 that will be held in June 20–22, 2017 in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.


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We hunters: interactive communication for young cavemen

This paper presents a multi-user virtual heritage application that allows children to experience and learn the hunting strategies depicted in a cave painting from 6000 BC. The application is based on a multi-touch vertical screen that allows for full-body interaction through carefully defined gestures that search to provide sufficient ecological naturalness and experimentation freedom to the users. This paper gives a detailed account on the experience and interaction design, agent programming and multi-touch technology. It also presents an experimental set-up, especially designed to assess the impact of the installation in the educational goal, the usability of the experience and the results obtained.

Keywords: children, interaction, education, interactive communication, multitouch, HCI, museography, virtual heritage, cave paintings, full-body interaction

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