Category: TA4 – Dimensions

White Bastion project – interactive digital storytelling for cultural heritage presentation

White bastion fortress has been standing in defence of Sarajevo since medieval period. In time it was changing together with various dominations upon the city. 4D virtual presentation aims to display the historical development of this cultural heritage object through digital storytelling combined with interactive 3D models of the Bastion in different time periods. These models contain digitized findings from the site and their 3D reconstructions. In this project we defined and implemented a new method of interactive digital storytelling for cultural heritage. The goal of the project is to support archaeological research of the site and raise awareness of general public about this important cultural monument.

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Panem et circenses – Bread and games in Roman Carnuntum

The team of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute ArchPro and their partner ZAMG have made new discoveries regarding gladiatorial games in Roman Carnuntum (Austria). Using latest geophysical prospection methods the archaeologists have revealed – without excavation – a yet unknown amphitheater and an entire city area containing essential infrastructure for Roman spectacles. The ArchPro Carnuntum project was carried out with the collaboration of the county of Lower Austria.

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