Working Group 7.3, Interface, Target Audiences and Customers

 Scope and Objectives

The flexibility of a dynamic interface encompasses not only the appearance and usability but also the responsiveness of the platform reflecting the needs and interests of the user.

The topics dissemination, interface and target audience/customer are closely related because of their interdependence. A close monitoring of the users’ demands must result in a dynamic and adaptable interface which can be easily disseminated through appropriate communication channels. Therefore, an appropriate workflow must be established to inform the decision-making process.


Analyze the existing user groups and define their behavior and demands
Search and analyze existing and future marketing fields


  • Defining the target audience through evaluation of existing VMs and VR Applications in Museums as well as the user behavior to identify future target markets.
  • Evaluation and classification of the user behavior to personalize user interfaces and interaction within the platform and VM applications.

Working Group members:

Franz Humer, Government of Lower Austria

Wolfgang Sovis, University of Economics, Vienna

Katharina Knoll, Bogner-Knoll Consulting

Marion Grossmann, Carnuntum Archaeological Park

Martin Mosser, Stadtarchaeologie Wien

Florian Prix, CAT-X

Iris Ott,  Museum of Natural History, Vienna

Isabelle Blanc, TOIKOI

Nicolai Rigler, Partner Projects