WG2.1 has the following scope and objectives:

  • to create an overview of available tools and technologies surrounding VR/AR that are, can or should be used by CH.
  • to create an overview of tools and technologies that are required by CH to create VR/AR.

To achieve this, the representing stakeholders will create and asses (items on) a list concerning five topics. These are:

  1. design (interaction design, graphic design)
  2. user experience
  3. tools (heritage tools that give access to VR/AR)
  4. user interaction (social media, community building, etc)
  5. technologies (software programming languages, hardware, etc)

For each topic, a Skype call will be organised and held, where each representing stakeholder will present a top 3 of best practices and/or state of the art examples. During the meeting, these examples will be analysed and discussed by the WG members. What are pro’s or cons to use the specific methods/tools/products?

The outcome of this work will include a vast list of best practices and state of the art examples of  design, user experience, tools, user interaction and technologies used in CH VR/AR. It will include an analysis of said practices and examples too.

Working Group members:

Dick van Dijk – CHAIR

Margaretha Mazura

Florian Niebling

Els de Rooy

Davide Spallazzo

Pavlos Chatzigrigoriou